Courageous - 'All In' Campaign

Milton Keynes Christian Centre

It takes great courage and commitment to complete a vision that God places in your heart. As a church we are called by God to reach our city for Jesus and it will take great courage to do so.

On the journey to accomplish the vision we will face many challenges; challenges of leadership, prayer, resources, maintaining unity, handling opposition and continued generosity. This will always be a challenge and require great courage!

At MKCC we believe that as followers of Christ, we are stronger together and as we join together and remain courageous we will make a difference in our city. Through our ALL IN vision campaign this year we will be studying the life of Nehemiah. He was an unlikely hero, facing an almost impossible situation, but he simply chose to be courageous and pursue the purposes of God when everyone else had given up. We will discover a man whose passion for God eclipsed his own comfort. A man who prayed revolutionary prayers and put his life on the line for his God given vision. A man who united a group of desolate and defeated people to achieve the impossible. A man who in the face of opposition from both the outside and the inside led from the front by placing his life and personal finances on the line.